Promoting small scale, crop and livestock production.



Morning or evening pasture moves?

Hopefully, most of our Hay & Forage Grower readers in the West are aware of the nutritional advantages of cutting hay in the afternoon rather than in the early morning hours.

How Tom Colicchio And Dan Barber Are Trying To Save The Dairy Industry

If you buy milk in the U.S., you're likely familiar with the brand Horizon Organic, a certified organic producer of milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Move cattle, rest grass

Regenerative grazing is a set of practices, guided by ecological principles, that uses the benefits of grazing livestock to rebuild soil health and may also help diversify the enterprises and income a farm or ranch produces.

Manda Kalimian and Wayne Pacelle: Born to be wild: Free-roaming horses of Colorado and the West are not ‘invaders,’ despite BLM claims

The federal Bureau of Land Management recently announced its 2022 plans to manage our nation’s wild horses and burros.

Back Country Horsemen pave the way for hikers, riders

Grand Valley trails are beginning to fill up with the arrival of spring, and one group helping to keep those paths in good shape is the Grand Mesa Back Country Horsemen Club. It maintains and restores countless trail systems in the area.

These cattle ranchers are raising better beef, spending less — and reducing carbon emissions

Cattle ranchers like Gabe Brown and Will Harris, who adopted regenerative grazing practices years ago, did not do so to combat climate change. They were looking to save their farm on a shoestring budget or in a push away from industrial farming practices.

Rent the Chicken's Seasonal Rentals Help Vermonters Raise Backyard Hens

Jillian Turner got her first chickens as an antidote to puppy fever. She wanted another dog, but her then-boyfriend — now husband, Sy Reaves — said, "Absolutely not. No puppies."

Shear cuteness! Florida ranch offers immersive alpaca experience

Odessa, Florida -- When Brenda and Frank Crum purchased a vast plot of land within a half-mile radius just north of Tampa, Florida, they suddenly had a 147-acre challenge on their hands: What to do with all that space.

300 Days Grazing

Grazing System Reduces Time, Expenses Associated With Feeding Hay

Design a grazing cell to meet your needs

There are two basic approaches to setting up a grazing cell: fixed and flexible.

Rancher has radical ideas about water

If Jim Howell, a fourth-generation rancher in Western Colorado, has a guru, he’s Allan Savory, the champion of intensive cattle grazing even on semi-arid land.

Opinion: My arrest and aborted prosecution underlined 3 lies Iowa is propagating about animal agriculture

The government, in short, is an active collaborator in industrial animal cruelty. That animal abuse is routine does not make it acceptable.

The Dairy Industry Is Determined to Pour Itself Down Our Throats

In its illogical support of Big Dairy, the U.S. government is misleading the public and padding the pockets of one industry over another.

Sustainably satisfy the need for feed

Sustainable intensification is a term used to describe farming practices that maximize yields without harming the environment and without the need to convert additional acres into cropland. Many agronomists agree this will be crucial for meeting future agricultural demands.

Two reasons to overgraze this fall

A person could wallpaper the outer walls of the Washington Monument with pages from the scientific literature, extension fact sheets, and the popular press that contain information on why overgrazing pastures should be avoided.

Pasture rehab

You’re hurt. The doctor mends the broken bone, treats the pulled quadriceps muscle, or stabilizes the severely sprained ankle. Now it’s time for weeks of physical rehabilitation, or “rehab” as it’s often called.

How now: Guernseys help Pleasant View Dairy milk smaller, more traditional farm approach

WINDBER, Pa. – Jeff Corle’s Pleasant View Dairy in Windber is a throwback to milk pasteurized and poured into glass bottles, onsite, at the farm.

Backyard Poultry June/July 2021

Backyard Poultry June/July 2021 — 16/3 is in homes May 13th, but digital and All-Access subscribers can read it NOW! Subscribe to Backyard Poultry for exciting stories on youth entrepreneurship and kids in agriculture, duck color genetics, and the best duck breeds for meat and eggs, PLUS All Cooped Up: Candidiasis!

Can grass-fed cows save Hudson Valley's small dairy farms?

New York State is becoming a leader in the fully pastured model for dairy.

Organic, Non SOY, Non GMO, Layer Feed (Brighton)

Organic, Non Soy, Non GMO, Chicken feed, Layer feed for sale, see for pricing and ingredients

How to choose the most profitable livestock for a farm

Livestock can be pricey to purchase and care for. When selecting what varieties to raise, farmers and homesteaders are wise to consider profitability as well as which livestock can help feed a family with the least cost.

How to choose the most profitable livestock for a farm

Livestock can be pricey to purchase and care for. When selecting what varieties to raise, farmers and homesteaders are wise to consider profitability as well as which livestock can help feed a family with the least cost.

Sunshine Creek Farm owner prioritizes land, his animals

Farmer raises cattle, bees on land between Pullman, Moscow

How many grazing cycles in a year?

One of the common questions that comes up when planning for a grazing season is how many times a pasture can safely be grazed each year.

Cattle feed raised indoors

"The momentum is undeniable now for what everyone is calling controlled environment agriculture," says Steve Lindsley, president, Grōv Technologies, a Utah-based startup. "Grōv takes the benefits of CEA and focuses it on animals."

Grazing cattle through the winter

I knew it would happen. It does every year.

Hildebrand Farms takes small-town dairy products successfully throughout Kansas

While many small dairies across the country are failing, a small Kansas dairy with slightly more than 130 cows is thriving.

Have you heard of a 'manureshed'?

Agricultural Research Service proposes using manuresheds to reconnect crop and livestock production.

Be a Frugal Farmer

Use the refuse on your property and in your community to stretch the funds for your farm and create healthy soil, plants, and animals.

Range rider working to protect grizzlies, livestock in Gravellys

A new range rider is working to prevent grizzly bears from preying upon livestock in the Gravelly Range in response to increasing bear activity.

How to Pick the Best Hay to Feed Goats

You know the old saying, the key to a man is through his stomach? Well, I think it’s even truer with our homesteading animals.

Project seeks to convert dairy farm manure to natural gas in Utah, other states

Harmful emissions from the agriculture sector are increasingly scrutinized as the climate changes. Now, energy companies want to help dairy farmers reduce emissions.

Organic Farm Advantages in Biodiversity, Profits Depend on Location

US - For organic farms, size matters: not so much the size of the farm itself, but the size of the neighboring fields.

Wardle Feed and Pet Supply - CHICKENS IN STOCK NOW!!! - Beautiful Egg Laying B - $30 (Wheat Ridge)

PULLETS - Hens ARE IN STOCK NOW!!! Our birds in stock now are 10 - 12 weeks old and are fully feathered out. If you are thinking of chickens, now is the time!

Dairies seek new revenue streams from beef-cross calves

Among those who participated in a “speed dating” session for Colorado producers and food buyers at the recent Colorado Food Summit was Luke Larson, owner of Centennial Cuts, a branded beef business near Keenesburg.

What We Can Learn from Raising Livestock

Raising livestock has taught Joel Salatin a lot about his own behaviors and interactions.

Food inspectors warn of 'mystery' pork under new meat inspection rules

Two federal inspectors warned that “mystery” meat and other unwanted materials will contaminate pork throughout the U.S. under the new meat inspection rules currently being used in a pilot program, NBC News reported Monday.

Family Cow: Three Things to Consider

Keeping a family cow can be rewarding - endless access to raw milk, free lawnmowing service and fertiliser for your garden - but it comes with responsibility. Here are three things to consider before adding a family cow to your homestead.

How to Pick a Good Used Livestock Trailer

Adding a Used Livestock Trailer to Your Horse Equipment List

Notice If you are considering raising any kind of chickens next year

Now is the time to start looking for used feeding and watering equipment,heat lamps, chicken coops , etc. Everyday this time of year there are a dozen or more kinds of poultry equipment for sale on Craigslist/Denver and often you can find free equipment in the FREE section. Buying good used equipment now can save you a lot money next year and allow you more money for your chickens

Link: Craigslist

Goat Journal November/December 2019

Your Guide to All Things Goat

Tips for successful cornstalk grazing

Harvest is underway in most of the country, and as corn is being harvested, a huge feed resource is being left behind.

Ranchers Denounce Corporate Control over Cattle Markets

More than 500 cattle producers from 14 states rallied to demand that the Trump administration level the playing field.

Wintering Pigs on Pasture

Pasture Pigs and Cold Weather Care

A Low-Cost Way To Milk One Cow

When Sandra Kay Miller needed a way to milk her daughter’s 4-H cow, she turned to equipment that was well over 50 years old.

Beef producer survey examines Iowa’s pasture management

New pastureland publication looks at Iowa grazing practices and pasture management.

Panel discusses sustainability in livestock production

Only 2.8% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2007 came from animal agriculture.

Rotationally Raising Poultry on Pasture

Susan will share her tips and tricks for raising poultry rotationally on pasture.

Livestock as a Tool: Improving Soil Health, Boosting Crops

Integrating livestock with crops is an age-old practice.

Panel discusses sustainability in livestock production

Only 2.8% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2007 came from animal agriculture.

How regenerative land and livestock management practices can sequester carbon

For people who want to help address climate change through their daily choices, many media headlines point to avoiding meat as the biggest way to reduce their impact.

Indigo CEO: Agriculture Can Reverse Climate Change And Livestock Farming Has An Important Role

It's not often you hear people refer to "livestock farming" and "climate change" in a positive context.

6 Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas

At first glance, alpacas may resemble their larger camelid cousin the llama, but they are quite different.

DIY Movable Chicken Runs

Pamper your hens with two movable chicken tractor designs that will give your feathered friends access to fresh forage.

A DIY Mobile Sheep Shelter

Do you really need a barn for small livestock?

Grass-fed Beef Research Highlights Nutrition and Quality

Grass-fed beef producers in Iowa cooperated with Practical Farmers of Iowa in a study that looked at carcass characteristics, meat quality and fatty acid composition of 100% grass-fed beef.

Ranching 101: Rotational grazing offers many benefits

Good ranch management starts with good pasture management. Here's a solid refresher on rotational grazing for cattle ranchers.

How America Became the ‘Red Meat Republic’

The author of a new book explains how beef consolidation in the late 19th Century shaped the ecology, economy, and even U.S. politics—and continues to do so today.

In ‘Red Meat Republic,’ the Story of How Beef Made Chicago and Changed America

Chicago’s connections to the meat processing industry are well known. The city was once known as the “hog butcher to the world”.

7 common cattle fencing mistakes

Here are seven of the most common errors in livestock fencing, and how to avoid them.

Remote Simplifies DIY Electric Fence Maintenance

How to Install an Electric Fence System that is Compatible with a Remote Fence Controller

Barb-wire fence? Brace it correctly to make it last

Here are some tips from a full-time fence builder on how to string steel so it lasts long enough for the next generation of cowboys to cuss it, too.


Build a Custom Chicken Coop

Two readers share how their family built a quality custom coop for a fraction of the cost of a pre-made model.


Using a Stanchion to Feed a Rejected Lamb

Benefits of Using a Stanchion.


Make an Herbal Snack Bar Wall Hanging

Can Chickens Eat Spinach Without Uprooting The Plant? Try This Idea!


Using a Stanchion to Feed a Rejected Lamb

Benefits of Using a Stanchion.


10 Basic Tips for Protecting Chickens from Predators

Ten crucial tips for protecting chickens from predators.


How to Protect Chickens from Hawks

5 Ways to Keep Backyard Chickens Safe From Aerial Predators


Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer

You can make this simple, DIY poultry waterer to provide unfrozen water to your birds all winter.


Dwarf cattle breeds make cooler cows

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have found that dwarf cattle breeds are better adapted to high temperatures...


Challenges to developing sustainable animal agriculture in western Pennsylvania

To comply with nutrient-reduction goals in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, Pennsylvania may want to consider the establishment of animal agriculture operations...


Independent candidate calls for change in livestock production

The future of Iowa depends upon someone willing to talk about confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Backyard Farming: Raising Goats: For Dairy and Meat

Raising Goats is the ideal resource for the new farmer just starting out, providing a comprehensive guide for preparing and caring for the addition of goats to your backyard farm!


Plants That Are Toxic to Your Pigs

Watch out for these poisonous plants that can be extremely harmful to your pigs.

Acorn Fed Pigs

Fall is here and the acorns are falling!

Hurt: Pork Prospects Improve, But Losses Still Loom

The pork outlook looked bleak in August. Fear of large pork supplies and Mexican and Chinese tariffs on U.S. pork exports appeared disastrous to hog prices.

Conservation dairy farming could help Pa. meet Chesapeake goals

If the majority of dairy farms in Pennsylvania fully adopt conservation best-management practices...

Niman Ranch to Double Farmer Network in 10 Years;

1500 Farmers and Ranchers to raise sustainable and humanely raised pork, beef and lamb by 2028

AG CORNER: Strategic planning for winter feeding starts now

Throughout the mid-west, it has been reported that feed costs account for 40-60 percent of the cow’s annual cost.

How to profit from a small hunting operation

Johann Erwee of Kuduwane Game Lodge provided Gerhard Uys with insights into what it takes to keep a small hunting operation economically sustainable, and its environment ecologically sound.

Colorado Springs farmer raising rare breed Heritage animals

Mangalitsa pigs. Liege Fighter chickens. Pekin ducks. Bourbon Red turkeys. Barbezieux chickens. These unusual names belong to rare heritage breeds of livestock, and one health-conscious farmer in Black Forest is raising them.

Grass-Cast: A New Grassland Productivity Forecast for the Northern Great Plains

Every spring, ranchers face the same difficult challenge—trying to guess how much grass will be available for livestock to graze during the upcoming summer.

A 12-step plan to Amazing Grazing

Adaptive grazing is a term describing a management approach that includes many practices such as frequent rotation of cattle and stockpiling for winter grazing.

Establishing a small-scale, sustainable, pastured poultry operation

The word sustainable is defined as “a method of harvesting or using a resource that replaces and renews the resource, rather than depleting or permanently damaging it”.

Sheep add value to organic crop rotation

Ontario family shows they can cut costs, add income on tillable land

Getting started with sheep

Raising sheep can be a very rewarding experience and a great way to convert grass into food and clothing!

Grass-fed/Pastured Lamb Tips for Success

Want to add grass-fed/pastured lamb to your repertoire?

Establishing a small-scale, sustainable, pastured poultry operation

The word sustainable is defined as “a method of harvesting or using a resource that replaces and renews the resource, rather than depleting or permanently damaging it”.

Free-Range Vs. Pastured Poultry: What’s The Difference?

What are the differences between these two common systems of raising poultry? We've got the answers covered.

Purchasing and Managing Pastured Pigs

How does it feel to be outsmarted by an animal?

\Why More Farmers Are Making The Switch To Grass-Fed Meat And Dairy

Though he didn't come from a farming family, from a young age Tim Joseph was fascinated by the idea of living off the land.



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