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The Diamond - East Face of Long's Peak, R.M.N.P., Photo credit, Tim Gillespie,

Ogallala Aquifer dropped 12+ inches in 2021. Land value could lose billions as water source runs dry.

HAYS — In increasingly dry western Kansas, underground water makes everything possible. Irrigation for crops. Stock water for cattle. Drinking water for towns.

Fort Crockett was a busy fur-trade site in Brown’s Park

By mid-April of 1836, most of the country knew about the siege of the Alamo in Texas that year and the deaths of more than 180 men defending it, including Col. William Travis, Jim Bowie and a former Tennessee congressman named David Crockett.


Harlequin’s Gardens offers more than 1200 different perennial varieties. Most of these were chosen for their known durability under Colorado conditions. We do not push plants just because they are new and different and come with fancy marketing packages.

The Purpose Of This Site

The purpose of this site is to assist all people that have or are interested in having acreage (land) from 1/2 an acre to 160 acres that they want to make more it productive, put to better use by raising better forage/grasses, grazing, baling, renting out the grazing and haying, etc, sustainably/regenerativly. Which is to say without dangerous chemicals and fertilizers the can harm your family, livestock, water and land. There has never been a better time in history to take total control of your property, your food production; whether plant or animal, the technology to grow food for you and livestock outdoors or in, using led lights, solar power, outside, basement or garage to grow it in. To make and raise your own compost, hummus, fertilizer (manure) and make the best use of it. Come on in and have a look around. Let us know what you think. Any ideas are appreciated.