Promoting small scale, crop and livestock production.

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What Size Generator Do I Need for My Farm, Ranch or Off-Grid Home?

How to Choose the Best Standby Generator for Your Needs

Agrivoltaics: Solar Panels on farms could be a win-win

Massachusetts is leading the charge in dual-use solar installations

Development of a Cooperative Food Distribution Model for Small Farms

Monica Bongue owns Muddy Fork Farm in Wooster Ohio, a certified organic farm for over 15 years, where she produces vegetables, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats.

The Women Reviving Heirloom Grains and Flour

Female grain growers, millers, and artisan bread bakers are collaborating to lift women’s role in bread into the spotlight.

California’s Pet Stores To Only Sell Rescue Cats, Dogs And Rabbits

California is ringing in the new year as the first state in the country to ban stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that aren’t rescues.

The Cost Difference Between a Rescue Dog and Puppy Mill Dog

You walk into your local mall, or maybe see an ad online and the cute wiggly puppies instantly draw you in.

From Homeless to Homestead: Adopting a Farm Dog

Consider a trip to your local animal shelter or rescue organization next time you’re on the lookout for a new country canine.

The Postal Worker’s Christmas

My grandfather was part of a long tradition of postal workers who sacrificed Christmas Eve with their families to deliver holiday packages.

The Farm Bill Ignores the Real Troubles of U.S. Agriculture

True farming reform means adjusting the system to support small and midsize producers and cultivating a more sustainable system of agriculture.

The Latest on Regenerative Organic Certification

Spurred by enthusiasm for fresh, local agricultural products, farmers are increasing the availability of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season.

High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

Spurred by enthusiasm for fresh, local agricultural products, farmers are increasing the availability of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season.

Bringing Farming Back to Nature

Farming the land as if nature doesn’t matter has been the model for much of the Western world’s food production system for at least the past 75 years.

For a new generation of farmers, accessing land is the first step toward tackling consolidation

Young farmers are staking out the space to change the face of America’s farmland

Penn State Extension program for beginning farmers wins national accolades

With a total economic impact of nearly $136 billion annually, the agricultural industry is essential to Pennsylvania’s future.

Solar-Powered “Farm From a Box” Is a Farm Kit That Can Feed 150 People

San Francisco startup Farm From a Box has made it their mission to make farming as easy as possible.

Farm bankruptcies have doubled under Trump — and the worst is yet to come

The outlook moving forward doesn't look good.

Farming Better Isn’t Enough: We Need to Protect Land

To reach a sustainable food system, “integrity has to run through the whole system...

A farm shouldn’t be a factory

Most of today’s food is produced by industrial agriculture and that’s a problem.

Heroic Food Farm gives military veterans a new mission as farmers growing sustainable food

To be a good farmer, you have to be really good at a lot of things,” says Leora Barish, founder of non-profit veteran farming organization Heroic Food.


Our food system is built on exploitation. Now farmworkers are saying “no more”

Undocumented farmworkers in Washington have won historic labor victories in recent years

From Homeless to Homestead: Adopting a Farm Dog

Consider a trip to your local animal shelter or rescue organization next time you’re on the lookout for a new country canine.

Small farm conference to be held in Athens

The Third Annual North Central Wisconsin Small Farm Conference is planned for Saturday, Oct. 19. Stoney Acres Farm of Athens will host this year’s event. The conference opens at 10:30 a.m. and wraps with at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Subsidies prevent farmers from reaching their full potential

American farmers and low-income families are understandably uneasy with the recent expiration of the farm bill, although the eventual passage of another iteration is all but assured.

Meet the crusading reporter brawling with Big Ag

Carey Gillam's critics might be surprised by some of the food in her kitchen.

Not Your Grandmother's Farm Bill

Congress sets and resets the nation’s agricultural and food policy about every five years through a comprehensive piece of legislation known as the farm bill.

How Did Farmer Brown Bring His Dying Land Back From the Brink?

Sometimes enlightenment arrives as a flash of epiphany: a gravity-obeying apple that falls from a tree, for instance, or a blinding light that freezes you in your tracks on the road to Damascus.

Dirt to Soil:

One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

Two Focusing Questions that Suggest our Soils Deserve more Attention

At the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have long advocated agricultural systems that are productive and better for the environment, the economy, farmers, farmworkers and eaters than the dominant industrial system.

Here’s What Agriculture of the Future Looks Like: The Multiple Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture Quantified

At the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have long advocated agricultural systems that are productive and better for the environment, the economy, farmers, farmworkers and eaters than the dominant industrial system.

Tructon: The rise and fall of a historic Colorado town

In the early 1900s, a pioneer homesteader from Oklahoma formulated a plan to establish a city on the vast Colorado plains.

Well-Known Economist Dubs Current Agriculture Recession "The Grinder"

It's the twists and turns that come with farming causing a tightening of balance sheets on farms across the country.

Colorado farmers using land as fall tourist destinations to sustain throughout the year

A farmer's life is not an easy one, especially in a state where drought, extreme heat, and hailstorms are a given.

First Fully Automated Indoor Farm Being Built In Ohio

The next time you shop for cherry tomatoes at Whole Foods or another retailer...

Impact investing plants seeds of growth for small-scale farmers

The need to sustain the global food system is attracting investment in innovation

How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch.

This 32-page Ag Innovations Series technical bulletin provides detailed instruction for crop and livestock producers and more.

More than 250,000 New Mexico students being served nutritious meals made with fresh, local produce.

The New Mexico Public Education Department is investing even more in a statewide initiative that provides school districts and charter schools funding to purchase fresh, local produce for school meals.

A New Credit Union Aims to Lower the Cost of Clean Energy

Episode 59 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Why Care about Independent, Locally Owned Businesses?

Locally owned businesses play a central role in healthy communities and are among the best engines that cities and towns have for advancing economic opportunity and building resilient places.

The Irish Times view on the state of Irish farming: threats and opportunities

The challenges posed by sector’s contribution to carbon emissions remain unresolved.

The Farmstead connects community to agriculture through experience

Farming has always been a part of Jim Lowe's life. He grew up on a farm in Montana and moved to Idaho, continuing that legacy with his wife, Hillary Lowe.

Agriculture Has a Sustainability Problem--and It Affects Your Business. Here's Why

The way you connect to other companies and industries is a web bigger than you ever imagined.

How to boost sustainable and resilient agriculture?

Researchers from the group of GESPLAN at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have applied the Working with People methodology to rethink sustainability, resilience and rural development in Europe. Read more at the click below.

Where's the beef? How Coloradans are getting hooked on local meat

If you’re an omnivore, you might be among the many consumers increasingly concerned about their meat, Colorado beef retailers say.

Renowned grass-fed beef farmer to speak at Fullerton conference Sept. 5

Dr. Allen Williams — a founding partner of Grass Fed Beef, Inc., and Grass Fed Insights — will be the featured speaker at a Fullerton workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

“Grazing for Soil Health” will begin at 9 a.m. and continue through 4 p.m. at the Loup River Inn, located just south of the Loup River and just east off Highway 14. Doors open at 8 a.m.

The event is free, with morning refreshments and lunch provided. The registration deadline is Aug. 30. Participants can register by calling either (308) 536-2691 or (308) 536-2456, ext. 3.

One pound of cheese makes nine pounds of whey. Where does it all go?

America is in the middle of an historic cheese glut.

Farmers Are Drawing Groundwater From the Giant Ogallala Aquifer Faster Than Nature Replaces It

Plains farmers cannot afford to continue pushing land and water resources beyond their limits – especially in light of climate change’s cumulative impact on the Central Plains.

Creative Thinking Leads to Innovative Cattle Watering System

In West Texas, drought is a constant plague—but when wells go dry, how do you manage your water supply?

Good management practices for fall grazing

Fall pasture management is a critical period for pastures.

Salatin’s Polyface Farm: An enterprise mind-opener

Register now for 3 Intensive Discovery seminars this July at Polyface Farm.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Fancy Pork Farmer

Luxury as a hedge when a trade war comes to town

This little piggy went to market … and everything changed

A former contract hog farmer reflects on what industrial production has done to his rural Arkansas community.

Animals, fruits and nuts coexist in Merry Lea pasture.

In a 5-acre pasture at the Merry Lea Sustainable Farm, you’ll find cows and chickens sharing the land with some unusual roommates — nut trees, fruit trees, grapevines and raspberries.

New research addresses gap between research and practice in sustainable agriculture.

Michigan State University-led research has found a big difference in the yields produced by alternative agricultural practices in commercial fields compared with the same practices in the small experimental plots ordinarily used to test them.

An Apple Shows Just How Broken Our Food System Is.

Buying and eating apples seems a pretty healthy thing to do. 

Your produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers might change that.

There it sits – in all its green glory – in the produce section of your local grocery store. 

This company pioneered a new business structure to preserve its mission.

A purpose trust means that Organically Grown Company will have a single owner devoted only to investing its profits back into the business.

To Feed the World Sustainably, Repair the Soil.

A reconceived farming system can rapidly improve fertility without chemical fertilizers, and without sacrificing crop yields.

Low income communities and the environment hit by SNAP farmers market glitch.

Experts and advocates argue that maximizing the availability of food options is crucial and aids efforts towards sustainability.

Grain recyclers use heads, see success in flour.

Beer brewers’ waste barley repurposed for bakers’ use.

Why ‘Orphan’ Oil And Gas Wells Are A Growing Problem For States

Unplugged wells can leak explosive gas into neighborhoods and leach toxins into groundwater.

Produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers are trying to change that.

70 years ago, it contained twice the calcium, on average, and more than five times the amount of Vitamin A.

Farmer finds success with cover crops, chicken litter.

"Fourth, fifth or sixth generation farmer? Jed Gerdes isn’t certain where he falls because his ancestors farmed in northern Germany and that noble profession continued on in the family to east-central Illinois."

This “carbon removal marketplace” will make buying offsets easier

"As companies like Lyft start to invest to make up for their carbon footprints, the world of offset buying needs more transparency and accountability."

Good Soil Policy in Senate Farm Bill.

"The Senate Agriculture Committee passed their version of a 2018 Farm Bill through the committee today, and we were pleased to see a number of the soil policy changes that we support included in the bill."

In Berry Country, California Farmers Get Innovative to Save Groundwater.

"Driscoll’s Berries and its farmers in Ventura County are working to save water and tackle sustainable management of the local groundwater..."

Hemp, Inc. Applauds Addition of Hemp Legislation to 2018 Farm Bill

"Securing the Hemp Farming Act as part of the 2018 Farm Bill has been a top priority of mine."

Plan to profit: Dairywoman shares how farm is branching out.

Diversification of the Kilgus Farmstead has provided the opportunity for another generation of the family to become involved in the farming operation near Fairbury.

Vilsack remains rural champion, offers plan to boost jobs.

Tom Vilsack sees a path forward for rural America.


Forget sustainable farming — regenerative agriculture is the new frontier.

Meet the innovative grazing expert profiled in “This Farm Is Medicine”.


Rural Kansas is dying. I drove 1,800 miles to find out why.

A native Kansan returns home to find that the broken promises of commodity agriculture have destroyed a way of life.

The New Food Economy

What is sustainability? It depends who you ask.

Sustainability has become one of the most widely used words in American agriculture and the U.S. food system.


On a sunny day in late March when the neighbors are prepping their planters, you can find Trey Hill planting corn into a foot of green clover, cereal rye, and a mix of other cover crops.


How rural America got milked.

Corporate-run agricultural co-ops are squeezing the very farmers they’re supposed to protect. Making them work again could help revive the heartland.

General Mills is transitioning 53 square miles of South Dakota farmland to certified organic.

If big food companies are going to meet growing demand for organics, they'll need to take an interest in farming.

For small-scale organic farmers, growing crops is the easy part. Getting produce to market – and getting paid – is the challenge.

MARIA ROMERO had never worked in agriculture before she moved to Watsonville 16 years ago.

Op-ed: Can Food Retailers Develop Policies That Drive Sustainable Agriculture?

One of the most fascinating sustainability questions for food retailers is whether their corporate environmental policies can drive agroecology practices on the farm.

By the Numbers: A Look at Consolidation in U.S. Agriculture.

Big Agriculture is still strong, but family farms are fighting back.

Digging deep: Harnessing the power of soil microbes for more sustainable farming.

'Farm of the future' project marries microbiology and machine learning.

A 12-step plan to Amazing Grazing.

Adaptive grazing is a term describing a management approach that includes many practices such as frequent rotation of cattle and stockpiling for winter grazing.

This Georgia rancher might be our best hope for a sustainable future.

Ride shotgun on this game-changing farm in “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts,” streaming now on Salon Premium.

Can soil organic matter increase at an annual rate of 1%?

Soil health is a key driver of agricultural productivity and environmental resilience.

Legislature should strengthen and diversify rural economies

I have lived in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado since 1973.

The next generation of farming: AM Ranch, Super Tuber Farm team up

Across the nation, the small family farm is in decline.

With the USDA’s Blessing, CAFOs Are Driving Organic Dairy Farmers Out of Business

As dairy farmers have seen many times in the past, a glut of milk has flooded the market and dropped farm pay prices to the point that some farmers will be forced out of business.

Is Farming Key for Carbon Trapping?

According to the old adage, if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.

Diversified farmer receives PFI sustainable ag award

Earl Hafner, of Panora, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 Practical Farmers of Iowa Sustainable Agriculture Achievement award.

Organic farming oftentimes most viable for new producers

Some U.S. organic farmers say they’re facing intense pressure from cheap imports that are labeled “organic” but don’t comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. Wochit

Over 100 Places to Buy Heirloom, Organic, and Non-GMO Seeds

It’s difficult to know where your seeds come from…unless you buy them from a seed company that’s devoted to organic and heirloom practices.

Colorado Millet: A Local Grain that Counts!

A combination of a mother’s concern and first-rate farming practices led Golden Prairie to become a premier grower of certified organic millet in the Rocky Mountain West and the largest national distributor of certified organic millet for human consumption…

Welcome to Colorado Grains: A local food revolution all by itself!

We are clearly at a tipping point, as grain producers and artisans are showing us how grains can return to our plate and why they should…

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