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This Colorado rancher sees a world where conservation can turn a profit

Dave Gottenborg and his wife, Jean, own the 3,000-acre Eagle Rock Ranch in Park County, where they work the land led by the ethos of the conservationist Aldo Leopold.

Farms that feed migrating sandhill cranes in Colorado are in it for the long haul

Colorado Open Lands’ “Grain for Cranes” program is helping farms surrounding Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge remain a friendly place for migrating birds.

Aurora: $80 million farm, water purchase from Arkansas Valley not a ‘buy-and-dry’

‘Nothing like this has really been done exactly in Colorado.’

In a push to ease the farm labor crisis, a group of House lawmakers look to H-2A visa reform. But can it get wider support?

After meeting for almost nine months, the House Agricultural Labor Working Group has put out a roadmap to ease a farm labor crisis.

Farms that feed migrating sandhill cranes in Colorado are in it for the long haul

Colorado Open Lands’ “Grain for Cranes” program is helping farms surrounding Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge remain a friendly place for migrating birds.

A top Colorado farming region is running out of water, must retire land to avoid well shutdown

To meet Republican River compact, northeastern part of state must stop irrigating 25,000 acres by 2029

3 Big Things Today, February 20, 2024

1. Soybean, grain futures higher overnight

Colorado’s shortgrass prairies at risk of dying off as extreme droughts become more common

A newly published global study led by a CSU professor studied grass and shrublands worldwide, and identified new threats and ways to save these important ecosystems

Farming in Dry Places: Investors Continue to Speculate on Colorado Water

A group seeking to buy water from farm and ranch lands is turning its efforts to electing water board representatives—who could then make water deals with suburbs easier.


The program has helped 25 small, organic farmers preserve and cultivate 355 acres of farmland around Atlanta, launching new generations of growers and a healthy locally produced food scene. Could Philly be next?

Extending the Agriculture Workforce Development Program: Colorado’s Bold Move to Secure the Future of Farming

Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s recent State Budget Proposal includes investment in the state’s agriculture industry.

Replacement ranch needed for storied Colorado family. 86,000 acres or best offer.

After the state moved on from a 25-year lease at Chico Basin Ranch, the Phillips family needs land and moving vans for 1,500 cattle.

Colorado ranch pushes high level performance

When it comes to success, Shane and Beth Temple strive for new heights—literally and figuratively speaking—on a daily basis.

Colorado farmers begin 2024 with less soil moisture than 2023

Here's a look at soil moisture, drought intensity, and crop conditions across Colorado as farmers and ranchers begin the new year.

2023 Colorado Women in Ag Conference a success, 2024 conference planning underway

WELD COUNTY, Colorado — Last month, Weld County’s Extension Office hosted the inaugural Colorado Women in Ag Conference in an effort to initiate learning and networking opportunities for women in all forms of agriculture.

Preserving the Colorado ranching experience

Summit Valley Horse Center maintains Western heritage while focusing on retraining rescued horses

The New York billionaire looking to change agriculture with Colorado farmland

After amassing hundreds of thousands of acres of land, Stefan Soloviev says he wants to move away from competition to help farmers’ bottom lines

2024 Colorado Farm Show Event Guide

The Colorado Farm Show, a cornerstone event in the agricultural calendar, celebrates its 60th anniversary at the Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, Colorado.

Farm fields don’t just feed us. They store carbon. But a big question is how much

DYSART, Iowa (AP) — When Al Schafbuch cut back on plowing his Iowa fields decades ago and later began growing cover crops, he was out to save money on fertilizer and reduce erosion.

Lots of indoor farms are shutting down as their businesses struggle. So why are more being built?

CLEBURNE, Texas (AP) — Inside a bright greenhouse about an hour outside Dallas, workers in hairnets and gloves place plugs of lettuce and other greens into small plastic containers — hundreds of thousands of them — that stack up to the ceiling.

Farming in harmony with the land

Here is a look at practices that led Cope Grass Farms to earn the 2023 Missouri Leopold Conservation Award.

Conventional Farming Is Killing Us And Our Planet

The Green Revolution—based on heavy chemical use, genetically modified seeds, and monocropped specialization—succeeded in feeding billions of people, but the toll it has taken on our environment and on our carbon cycle has been extreme.

Northwest Colorado farmers named best in America

Tyler and Megan Knott of Oak Creek have been selected as part of the 2024 class of America’s Best Young Farmers and Ranchers.

Reservoir empty, farm wells retired amid high demand for water on Colorado's Eastern Plains

Growing populations and changing weather patterns have made water resources more valuable than ever. While the dwindling Colorado River is a focus for conservation now, the Republican River Basin in eastern Colorado is a potential roadmap for what's to come.

West Slope group shared in USDA grants for new farmers

A Western Slope organization was one of 45 nationwide to be awarded part of a federal grant to teach and train beginning farmers and ranchers.

Rancher, conservationists reach deal to preserve 100,000 acres for native Colorado bighorn herd

A wildlife conservation group recently agreed to pay a Colorado rancher to move his domestic sheep out of the high country in order to free up the territory for a herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

North Dakota farmer keeps harvesting sugarbeet memories at age 93

Arnold Barclay began penciling planting dates, seed varieties, inputs and harvest dates for sugarbeets production when he began growing them in 1962.

Unsung heroes: small-scale farmers step in as climate finance lags

Starved of climate finance, the world’s small-scale farmers are having to dig deep to pay to adapt to climate change.

Agriculture Secretary wants to better support small farmers and ranchers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told western governors this week that he’s concerned about consolidation in food production.

‘There’s no future after me’: Colorado pumpkin man says drought, labor, water issues will end his family business. ‘My boys won’t farm’

Alan Mazzotti can see the Rocky Mountains about 30 miles west of his pumpkin patch in northeast Colorado on a clear day.

Saving Tomorrow’s Agriculture Resources

The Sedgwick County Conservation District, Colorado State University Extension, and Sedgwick County STAR (Saving Tomorrow’s Agriculture Resource) producers recently organized a brief field day at Schneider Farms.

Grants Available for Projects Showcasing Agrivoltaics in Colorado

Broomfield, Colo. — To help demonstrate one of the many ways agriculture can contribute to addressing the effects of climate change, Colorado is investing $500,000 in projects that help advance the use of agrivoltaics in the state.

Advancing Eco Agriculture Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Colorado

Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a farm consultancy and nutritional products company dedicated to increasing yield and crop performance while reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides and fertilizer, held a grand opening and ribbon cutting for its new manufacturing facility in Aurora, CO, on Thurs., Sept. 28.

Rural advocates push for more farmer credit

(Iowa News Service) More than 90 rural organizations are urging members of Congress to support the Fair Credit for Farmers Act.

November conference to bring workshops and networking opportunities to women in ag

WELD COUNTY, COLORADO — As if managing the Colorado State University-Weld County Extension Office didn’t keep her busy enough, with 4-H, the Weld County Fair and all of the other programming offered through her office, Extension Director Hannah Swanbom and her team have embarked on a new project meant to benefit women in agriculture across Colorado.

Big Agriculture Doesn’t Want a Fair Farm Bill

They've turned the food system into a cash cow for the powerful few by undermining small farmers and encouraging operators to “get big or get out.”

Serving farm fresh food in schools is getting big federal support — but will 'farm to school' stick

The Farm-to-School movement is out to revolutionize the humble school lunch with food grown on local farms. But the path from cropland to cafeteria is full of complicated twists and turns. A new wave of federal funding is trying to smooth the way.

Case IH’s new all-electric Farmall tractor

The new Farmall Utility 75C Electric is a fully electric tractor with the equivalent of 74 hp.

Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation Awards Nearly $250,000 in Scholarships and Grants to 53 Young Farmers & Rural Leaders

To commemorate Niman Ranch’s 25 th annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner, the pioneering natural meat brand’s Next Generation Foundation awarded nearly $250,000 in scholarships and grants for young farmers and future rural leaders in Des Moines, Iowa. First held in 1999, the celebration brings together Niman Ranch farmers, customers and partners to recognize and thank the brand’s network of independent family farmers.

First fully electric, autonomous tractor in the Midwest unveiled in Missouri

The University of Missouri rolled out its first all-electric, autonomous tractor Tuesday, calling it a “revolutionary piece of technology” that could pioneer new agricultural practices and make farming more efficient and sustainable.


History Colorado is happy to announced the 25 Centennial Farms & Ranches honorees for 2023. Created in partnership with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, the Centennial Farms & Ranches Program honors the contributions of the state’s ranching and farming families who have withstood the pressures of growth, changes in farming methods, drought and economic conditions to preserve important pieces of the state’s commercial and cultural history.

New Colorado area Extension specialist

Catie Green has become the newest member of Colorado State University Extension, Golden Plains Area Extension and Sedgwick County Extension. Green will serve the area as an agronomy weed science specialist alongside the rest of the Golden Plains and Sedgwick County Extension team.

What’s missing from discussion of the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill, an omnibus five year bill dealing with farm and food programs, ultimately affects everyone in Wisconsin. Whether you farm, eat, depend on food assistance programs, or just like to breathe clean air or have access to clean water, the Farm Bill affects you.

ADVERTORIALTop 12 Profitable Farming Business Ideas in Wales

In this guide, we will talk about farming business ideas to start in Wales. Whether you’re new to farming or you’ve been doing it for a while, these ideas can help you. Let’s begin!

‘Big Sugar’ Podcast Exposes How Subsidies in the Farm Bill Harm Us All

Host Celeste Headlee wants the public to understand how decades-old subsidies for sugar companies benefit billionaires at the expense of the environment, farmworkers, and the nutrition of the nation.

Regenerative Food Certification: Gold Standard or Greenwashing?

For the growing movement of eaters looking to align their values with their plates, what does it mean when you purchase regenerative certified food? And can global certification systems find common ground in their definitions?

Agriculture industry takes steps to reduce methane, a potent greenhouse gas

The biggest source of climate-warming methane in the U.S. is animal agriculture. America's biggest cattle feedlot operator is funding new research, with motives beyond reducing greenhouse gases.

Bennet, Luján, Brown, Caraveo Introduce Bill to Help Small Farms Access Federal Support | Press Releases | U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

Washington, D.C. — This week, U.S. Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) alongside eight of their Senate colleagues introduced legislation to help small farms access federal conservation programs delivered through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Colorado U.S. Representative Yadira Caraveo will introduce companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The future of agriculture: Young community farmers grow their crops and businesses on public land

The future of the farming industry is being grown in a new way, and in new places, thanks to a new initiative sprouting in Fort Collins. Young farmers are growing both crops and businesses on public land in Fort Collins as a way to manage the land while building businesses.

Maine Voices: Joining Zero Foodprint has changed my life as a small-business owner

Their model is to pay farmers to practice regenerative agriculture to sequester carbon, which is good for the soil and for the climate.

Bill would spend $500K to help small farmers switch up their products

Lawmakers are looking to create a new grant program to help small farmers diversify their products or transition from one type of farm to another.

Lisa Fingleton: An artist embedded with eco-minded farmers on the Dingle Peninsula

The fruits of Fingleton's time spent with ten farming families are currently on display at the Crawford in Cork

Longmont farmer diversifies income to protect staff

Christina Manning Lebak at 100x Farms offers a range of options to the community to learn about gardening

Experts sound the alarm over toxic pesticide found in ‘half the American population’: ‘The highest levels [are] in children’

It turns out that using powerful neurotoxins to kill insects is (surprise) impacting other animals, and even people.

A 12-year-old might’ve grown your food. In many states, that’s perfectly legal.

Republicans are rolling back child labor laws. But they’ve always been weak on farms.

Time is ripe for rural climate action: #Colorado Farm & Food Alliance wants to create a model for bringing resources to the regions facing the most severe risk from #ClimateChange — Colorado Newsline #ActOnClimate

There is no better time to invest in rural Colorado and in climate action.

Effects of climate change on farming, federal spending explored by U.S. Senate panel

WASHINGTON — U.S. senators on the Budget Committee dug into the impacts of climate change on farming during a Wednesday hearing, raising concerns about what the next few decades hold for food production and the way of life.


Accessing capital for land, equipment, and other inputs is key to any business, but in agriculture it can be a major barrier to entry for young and beginning farmers.

Ep. 174 How to Start an Agritourism Business to Diversify Farm Income

Interview with Matt Stephens, author of "Adventures in Agritourism: A Manual for Diversifying Your Farm Income."

Opening farms to visitors boosts nearby farms’ direct sales, and vice versa

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Farmers use many marketing strategies to diversify their incomes and stay in business.

How rise of agritourism is boosting local farms

From u-pick pumpkins and wineries to farm breweries and event spaces, the unpredictability of markets and weather has led to a boom in agritourism in New York over the last two decades.

Garlic for Fly Control?

You’ve probably seen testimonials from fellow farmers and ranchers who claim that feeding garlic can keep flies off their cattle. Maybe like me, you’re a bit skeptical. Could that really work?

Fly Control in Pastures

Flies are one of the most difficult pests to manage and although they cannot be totally controlled, it is possible to reduce populations and irritation to livestock.

Soil Amendment Ingredients

Not every gardener starts off with the gift of good soil; some of us have to grow our garden from the ground up before we even venture into planting. If you are dealing with clay soil like we were, prepare yourself for a tedious process of amendments and backaches as you augment the clay to make it friable and root-friendly.

Soil Testing and Analysis for Gardeners

From simple DIY soil testing to more extensive soil analysis, a multitude of resources exist that will boost your vegetable garden’s bounty.

Culvert Installation: All You Need to Know

Learn the proper culvert design, size, materials and procedures for safe travel over streams and ditches. Culvert installation will run smoothly if you follow this advice.

LeValley Ranch receives Colorado Leopold Conservation Award

LeValley Ranch has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Colorado Leopold Conservation Award.

Op-ed: We Need a New Farm Bill—for My Iowa Farm and Beyond

Wendy Johnson has spent more than a decade building diversity on her Iowa farm, despite financial and cultural pressure to stick to the status quo. Now, she’s pushing for system change.

Paraquat, the Deadliest Chemical in US Agriculture, Goes on Trial

Amid lawsuits filed by thousands of farmers linking the herbicide to Parkinson’s disease, the EPA is reconsidering its analysis of paraquat’s risks.

What’s being charged for custom fieldwork?

Custom rate guides are welcomed resources in those states that continue to do the survey legwork; unfortunately, many do not. Each year, eHay Weekly offers readers a one-stop shop for accessing custom fieldwork rate information from those states that have done surveys in the past few years. Especially for forage crops, custom field work and harvesting is a common practice.

"We must break up Big Ag," Sanders says after largest US egg producer posts 718% profit increase

Progressives question Cal-Maine Foods' claim that an avian flu outbreak is to blame for soaring egg prices

CSU innovators, educators, researchers and rising stars honored among DBJ’s 2023 Who’s Who in Agriculture

Four Colorado State University agriculture leaders are being honored by the Denver Business Journal and the Colorado Farm Bureau for their innovative work within the industry, including Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences James Pritchett, who is the 2023 DBJ Who’s Who in Agriculture Trailblazer, and agricultural education and equine science student Jo Smeby, who will receive the Rising Star award.

U.S. agriculture secretary unveils initiatives aimed at small and midsized operations

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday announced new steps the Department of Agriculture is taking to recenter U.S. agriculture and benefit small and midsized operations, ...

There’s a push underway to help more US farms save big with clean energy

Advocates say revamping the 20-year-old federal Rural Energy for America Program could give cash-crunched small farms some much-needed breathing room.

You’ll Have Loads Of Fun At This Dairy Farm In Colorado With Incredible Coffee And Treats

Located in Bellvue, the Morning Fresh Dairy Farm is a picturesque Pleasant Valley institution that has been producing and delivering its fresh and flavorful fare since 1894.

Skeptical Farmer Burns Ag’s Playbook, Steers Turnaround On 2,000 Acres

Roy Pfaltzgraff piled farming’s traditional playbook and recommendations on the turnrow and tossed a match on the heap. What remained beneath the ash? “Profit and a consistent way forward,” he says.

“Ancient farming practice makes a comeback as climate change puts pressure on crops

Fred Yoder in Ohio plants rye and winter peas he never harvests. Larkin Martin in Alabama plants radishes she’ll never eat. A.G. Kawamura in California plants barley that rots in the fields.

Farms Grapple With How to Maintain Pandemic Agritourism Boom

As life returns to pre-pandemic normalcy, farmers are looking for ways to sustain their agritourism visitors.

Topsoil protection should be stressed in the next farm bill, U.S. House Ag panel told

WASHINGTON — Farmers and academics at a hearing this week stressed the need for members of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee to support regenerative agriculture farming practices in the upcoming farm bill in order to protect topsoil.

California Has Provided Incentives for Methane Capture at Dairies, but the Program May Have ‘Unintended Consequences’

Scientists and environmentalists appeal for more data, noting that research on the ammonia emissions from processed manure raises troubling questions about a vital element of California’s climate change strategy.

The 'Missing Middle': How To Feed America's Neglected Kids At School

Vermont state Sen. Brian Campion shares the upsetting testimonials that prompted his state to pass a bill that feeds kids and develops the local economy, too.

Colorado Edition: Desalination to water the West; Yuma County Fair’s focus on farmers

On this week’s Colorado Edition, we look into the potential of turning the ocean into drinking water for the West.

The Farmer and Adele: Berthoud farm with a view that was meant to be

Back in 2011, Adele Work and her spouse, Jennifer Caldwell, were firmly entrenched Denver residents living in Washington Park.

Colorado farmers hope to create a grocery co-op in one of Denver's largest food deserts

DENVER ⁠— “Once you’ve tasted a locally grown or locally raised product you can definitely tell the difference," said Katie Belle Miller.

Ask Eartha: What can I do with my surplus veggies from my garden?

Dear Eartha, I have never planted my own veggie garden before, but I took the leap this year! Growing my own veggies already brings me so much joy and now my lettuce is growing like crazy. Is there anything I can do with my extras?

“It’s our new cash crop”: A land rush for renewable energy is transforming the Eastern Plains

A race to meet state climate goals — and to get expiring federal tax credits along the way — has led to a flurry of wind and solar activity

Solar panels making farming more efficient

Water shortages in the country are impacting how and what farmers can grow, but there’s a new way to farm that’s increasing crop yields and decreasing the amount of water farmers need to use.

Recent Reports Highlight Barriers and Opportunities for Organic Farming

Organic agriculture continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors of American agriculture.

DC Company Expands Rooftop Agriculture

DC Rooftop Farm Company Grows Food, Controls Pollution Runoff to Chesapeake Bay

US farmers can help in the battle for climate resiliency. A massive bill highlights how.

Popular Farm Bill programs that invest in sustainable agriculture are struggling to meet demand.

'Forever Chemicals' and Risks to Farms

Michigan Farm Is Cautionary Tale of PFAS Contamination and Sewage Sludge Fertilizer

DC Company Expands Rooftop Agriculture

DC Rooftop Farm Company Grows Food, Controls Pollution Runoff to Chesapeake Bay

How I Built a Directory of Local Grassfed Beef Farms

The author needed to figure out how to market grassfed beef, which is how he came to make a directory to help customers.

Young Ohio Farmer Carves Independent Path

Young Ohio Farmer Carves Independent Path

Ogallala Aquifer dropped 12+ inches in 2021. Land value could lose billions as water source runs dry.

HAYS — In increasingly dry western Kansas, underground water makes everything possible. Irrigation for crops. Stock water for cattle. Drinking water for towns.

‘There’s a lot to protect here’: These small Wisconsin towns want more regulations for big farms

Laketown, Wisconsin, is a rural community of 949 people, spread out among the green fields and ample lakes of the state’s northwestern corner, just over an hour outside of Minneapolis.

No soil, no problem: Reshaping agriculture to be more carbon friendly

Companies are turning to regenerative farming, a growing movement rooted in Indigenous practices that encourages cultivating food in harmony with nature.

Grants help local farmers harvest for food assistance programs

Having fresh, local produce and foods available at the farmers market and on menus at local restaurants is wonderful for the community, but not all local consumers can afford those options.

Guest commentary: Fighting inflation by helping rural Colorado

As a rancher I know how much hard work, time, and dedication goes into raising livestock.

A Longmont farm wants to teach people how to grow food under solar panels

Jack’s Solar Garden will use $40,000 from the Boulder County Sustainability Tax to fund educational initiatives

Biodynamic Farming for Cosmic Nutrition

At Sustainable Settings, nonprofit farmers say we must 'build soil or die'

Pankey Ranch Receives Colorado Leopold Conservation Award

Pankey Ranch has been selected as the recipient of the 2022 Colorado Leopold Conservation Award®.

Delta County a model for up-and-coming farmers, ranchers

In 1991, when Lee Bradley started farming near Paonia in the North Fork Valley of Colorado, he was hired to manage a fruit farm owned by the coal company, Cyprus Orchard Valley Coal Corp. Mine bosses gave him a ridiculously hard goal: Make money.

Ogallala Aquifer dropped 12+ inches in 2021. Land value could lose billions as water source runs dry.

HAYS — In increasingly dry western Kansas, underground water makes everything possible. Irrigation for crops. Stock water for cattle. Drinking water for towns.

The latest line of defense against wolves on this Colorado ranch? Guard donkeys

A Colorado rancher has brought in reinforcements to help him protect his livestock from wolves.

New series highlights women leading regenerative ranching movement across the West

When you think about how meat is raised across the country, you may picture cramped feedlots on sprawling industrial livestock operations.

Soil health scientist says regenerative farming is the model of the future

Thursday, local farmers heard a pitch about the benefits of regenerative farming from Ray Archuleta, a soil health expert recently featured in the Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground. The film focuses on how modern, industrial farming is harming the planet, and how the industry can be improved.

Bring the farmers’ market to your doorstep with the Market Wagon app - Medina County farm tells success story

Running a small family farm isn’t easy. One day you’re dealing with the ram that got out; the next a baby lamb is peeing in your kitchen.

MOSES conference gears up organic producers for next farming season

The 33rd Annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference was held at the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Feb. 24-26.

Nofence provides a winning formula for AgriScot judges

Fewer physical fences and better grazing management are on the horizon for livestock producers after the virtual fencing technology company Nofence was awarded the 2022 AgriScot Innovation Award.

How to manage pastures after drought

With pastures and producers recovering from extensive drought in 2021, there may be changes to when cattle should be turned out this spring.

Giant food producers are profiteering off inflation — and bragging about it too

Big chains and suppliers like Tyson, P&G and Kroger are fattening profits by raising prices — just because they can

Maine farmers could face financial ruin amid ‘forever chemical’ crisis

When Songbird Farms voluntarily ceased all sales and pulled its products from store shelves, April Turner started to worry.

Determining outcomes of on-farm best practices

Baking a cake from scratch has more variables than baking one from a boxed mix. Though one can debate why—and when—cake mixes were developed, they are popular, and produce a uniform product. (They were really patented in the 1930s.)

Enterprising farming couple steering towards success with new snack foods

Enterprising sheep farmers Alan and Wendy Dempster in Ballymoney are focused on raising awareness about the outstanding quality and taste of local lamb among consumers here by developing a variety of snack foods such as burgers and sausage rolls with the meat.

15 ideas: How to start small farming

Jhon Nick explains how starting small farming is not as hard as you may think. This is the first of a two-part article series.

I quit my career as a nurse to open the farm of my dreams. The personal freedom I have now makes me appreciate life in a much deeper way.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Angela Macke, a tea farmer in Michigan, about her career path. It has been edited for length and clarity.

Op-Ed: In Ojai Valley, a glimpse of how to nurture land in a drier, post-hydrocarbon world

The Ojai Valley in Ventura County is a magical place. Consider its elements: the sweet smell of California citrus blossoms in the spring, the open space preserved by orchards, the seasonal creeks that run free through the cultivated lands.

Purdue awarded $10 million for #DiverseCornBelt project

A $10 million project seeks to make Midwestern agriculture more resilient by diversifying farms, marketing and the agricultural landscape.

As the climate changes, new efforts arise to diversify what’s grown in the Corn Belt

In 2014, Jason Federer began transitioning his Indiana farm to organic. The 4,000-acre operation had been in his family for three generations, and had always been managed with sustainability in mind.

Farmer-friendly loan process could aid rural revival

Under the current administration, farmers have a golden opportunity to pursue better service from the federal government, especially those from marginalized or underserved populations that were denied access to financing in the past due to unique cultural or historical barriers, according to Zach Ducheneaux, who was appointed administer of the Farm Service Agency roughly one year ago.

Tiny Orchards & Potted Fruit Trees

During an early fall walkabout in my urban permaculture garden, I chatted with Frank Giustra about how city and suburban gardeners can enjoy high fruit yields in small spaces.

Plan Your Permaculture Plot

Implementing permaculture practices can be overwhelming, but not because of a lack of information, tools, techniques, skills, or prescriptions.

In the News: Don’t Miss Out on These Grant Opportunities if You are a Small Farmer

If you are running a family farm or a small agriculture business, there are several grants available to help you with some financial relief.

Focus on Family-Centric Trades Could Save Rural Economies, Entrepreneur Says

A software engineer-turned-farmer looks at over 60 trades that could help keep new generations in rural America and build stronger, civically minded communities.

Start with these soil health principles

So, what is regenerative ranching?

10 Uses For Fireplace Ash: What To Do With Ashes From Fire

What are the best uses for wood stove or fireplace ashes?

45 Practical Uses For Wood Ash Around The Home & Garden

When your primary heating source is wood, you find yourself cleaning out the wood stove quite a bit during those colder months of the year.

What We’ve Learned From Compost

Having been gardening for 15 years and composting for almost as long, we quickly realized that with our climate and native soils, improving the soil’s health and quality were one of the most important things we could do to help our garden.

Local farmer focuses on soil health

Mackay Barr of Ironsides Ranch gave the Clanton Kiwanis Club an overview of his unique approach to farming at its meeting on Oct. 14.

How to Make a Neighborhood Farm for an Entire Metropolis

A program being started in Atlanta helps midsize farmers buy their own land while providing much-needed fresh food to urban consumers.

She’s cultivating a pumpkin paradise in rural Wells

Jackie Soens grows many types of vegetables in her two-acre garden

Sweet success: Award-winning NC syrup farm modernizes generations-old method

SHELBY — Every year, Rodney and Lynn Willis find a new way to modernize and improve their small farm. But no matter what kind of modernization they add, the process of turning stalks of sugar into an award-winning line of syrups is largely the same as it has been for generations.

From Farm to Doorstep: The Rise of Digital Farmers Markets

Online grocery sales in the United States are up 233 percent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to eMarketer.

As Carbon Markets Reward New Efforts, Will Regenerative Farming Pioneers Be Left in the Dirt?

Carbon markets are taking off, but the financial rewards may go to farms adding new practices, rather than those already drawing down carbon into the soil.

Custom Feedlot Makes “Humus” From Manure

Olsen Custom Farms of Hendricks, Minn. has invested nearly $1 million in a composting system that promises a more efficient and profitable way of converting cattle manure from their 3,500-head feedlot into crop fertilizer.

Colorado Comeback Cash winner Pete Vegas has sustainable agriculture plan for money

Boulder has new Comeback Cash winners in Colorado’s vaccination lottery. Pete Vegas received $1 million in prize money, and Levi got a $50,000 scholarship, as part of an ongoing effort to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Farmer-Owned Local Food App Stands Out from the Venture Capital-Backed Crowd

Created by a cooperative of young producers, GrownBy allows farmers to sell locally, without paying hefty fees to a Silicon Valley-backed middleman.

Boulder County staff recommending $5.1 million farmland purchase

Boulder County staff are recommending the county purchase 137 acres of irrigated Hygiene-area farmland west of Longmont for $5.1 million.


National Center for Appropriate Technology grows pilot effort with $2 million investment; Colorado one of the expansion states

Carbon storage: A win-win situation for farmers and climate?

Agriculture generates about 10% of United States greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers are using cover crops and other techniques to store some of these emissions while still improving their yields. Proponents hope paying farmers to do so will expand the practice.


Beginning Farmer and Rancher Resources

This page provides resources related to agricultural business management and marketing for beginning farmers and ranchers:

Farmers wear a lot of hats, especially farming moms.

Muskegon food processing incubator provides ‘stepping stone’ for small businesses

A new food processing incubator space aims to be an economic driver for small businesses and local farmers in the Muskegon region.

Joe Mathews: A small farm community leads the way on energy independence

Cleaner, cheaper and more reliable. That’s what the town of Gonzales is hoping for energy-wise as it sets out to build the state’s first municipal microgrid.

Group reports farm subsidies soared $16 billion between 2017-2020

A new report from the Environmental Working Group found that farm subsidies have climbed $16 billion from 2017-2020.

Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative returns this spring

One of the things that helps get me through the doldrums of winter is thinking about warmer weather and spending time outside in the garden and enjoying fresh fruits and veggies.

Local farm hoping to host year round events

Spring officially arrives March 20th. And for one local family, it’s the start of what they hope will be a new season in their life.

New Wisconsin conservation group aims to connect women landowners, foster sustainability

Several organizations that promote sustainable agriculture and conservation education are launching a new program to connect women landowners throughout Wisconsin with each other and with state and local agencies and experts.

AeroFarms Wins Circular Economy Innovation of the Year from the EDIE Sustainability Awards

AeroFarms, the world leader in indoor vertical farming, today announced it won the Circular Economy Innovation of the Year from the EDIE Sustainability Leaders Awards.

Spence farm grows to supplying individual families

When driving back to campus, speeding past the cornfields that signal school is nearby, one might see a patch of maple trees, jutting from the sea of green stalks.

NMSU Center of Excellence, Tri-State, EPRI bring container farm to Grants campus

New Mexico State University is partnering with Tri-State Generation and Transmission to join the Electric Power Research Institute’s National Demonstration and Monitoring of Indoor Food Production Facilities research project to explore indoor agriculture concepts.

The good old ways: can we still farm like our grandparents?

Against the odds, small-scale farmers are learning new ways to survive in an age of industrial-scale competition

Farmers Got A Government Bailout In 2020, Even Those Who Didn't Need It

Back in the spring, farmers who raise pigs were in a panic.

Western Innovator: Getting small farmers together

Aba Kiser knows food comes from farmers. But she wants to go the next step and organize events to help them form communities and support one another.

How carbon-smart farming is catalyzing the big bucks needed to transform the way America eats

The contraption Matt Sheffer wants to show me sits at the far end of a field of alfalfa and grasses, a weave of green and pale gold, broken only by the parallel grooves we’re trudging along, a path carved by the tires of a pickup truck.

Demo Farm Network helps Deer Run Dairy thrive

Step by step, Duane and Derek Ducat work to keep the farming legacy their grandfather started thriving.

Partners to host webinar about Boulder County regenerative agriculture pilot program

The Colorado Restaurant Association is collaborating with Boulder County Partners for a Clean Environment to host a free webinar about the Restore Colorado Boulder County pilot program.

Earth911 Podcast: Steve Groff on Regenerative Farming

Steve Groff, author of The Future-Proof Farm and creator of widely used regenerative farming techniques known as cover-cropping, joins Earth911.

Agriculture in brief: Kansas Winter Forage Conference, Western Colorado forum go virtual

Kansas forage conference switches to virtual format.


The climate crisis is here, but regenerative agriculture can help fight it.

The chef who wants diners to fund regenerative ag

"We have solutions that are bipartisan and cost the government $0."

Farmers look to cash in on carbon

Scientists believe the biggest, least invasive and most accessible source of carbon storage may be to change the way we farm, so that we leave soil planted with something green all year, stop plowing and return all possible plant matter to the soil.


Are you a beginning farmer? Do you want to expand your markets? Do you want to add sheep, goats, or poultry to your operation?


This publication looks at the pathways and drivers that move nutrients into, out of, and within pasture systems.

Local farms, small gardens see boost in interest, funding to tackle hunger

Bueno Para Todos, a small farm in Villanueva, began 2020 with a hoop house and four planted areas enclosed in wooden frames raised above the ground.

Federal Program to Supply Food Banks Chops Local Growers in Latest Round of Contracts

Recent changes have brought into question the program’s priority of supporting local food systems

Regenerative farming: The theory and the farmers doing it

Regenerative agriculture provokes strong opinions and passionate debate. There are those who are sceptical of the claims being made in its name, while others have completely bought into the idea that it is farming’s future, and the way to solve climate change.

Forging a path with an ancient plant that once dotted the Kansas landscape

For Melisa Nelson-Baldwin, data is key. And what this trained crop research scientist sees is hemp is a great crop for Kansas farmers.

Local farms, small gardens see boost in interest, funding to tackle hunger

Bueno Para Todos, a small farm in Villanueva, began 2020 with a hoop house and four planted areas enclosed in wooden frames raised above the ground.

As large dairies absorb the milk market, small farms seek a niche

After high school, Calvin Nisly, of Partridge, Kan., wanted to wash his hands of the family dairy.

Harvest Season: Small Farms and Produce Delivery Services Thriving During COVID

According to the calendar, autumn is upon us. North of the Florida state line, the traditional fall harvest time is fast approaching, as farmers prepare to pull their summer crops and bring them to market.

Looking toward a small farm future

The food and farming sector faces a period of turbulence in the near-term with Brexit, COVID-19 and numerous uncertainties about trade deals, labour inputs and farm succession.

Growing alternative crops in Iowa can bring risks and rewards

What's the market for hemp, intermediate wheatgrass, hybrid rye and oats?


Marketing manure can be a beneficial, low-risk way for livestock producers to manage animal waste on their farms while incorporating a value-added product into their overall business plan.

AUDIO 'Barn to Door,' the tech startup that aims to connect small farms with local consumers

Founder Janelle Maiocco says people are hungry for convenient, sustainable options.


A western Indiana farmer says rotational grazing has improved soil health on his farm.

Ranchers combine cattle, conservation and logging to save birds

Juncos, blackbirds, meadowlarks and other common species comprise two-thirds of the 3 billion birds lost in the last half century, a decline scientists have likened to that of the now-extinct passenger pigeon.

Consumers and farmers have found new ways to connect during the pandemic

COVID-19 forced farmers to rethink how they distribute goods.

Guest Blog: Reducing Nutrient Loss on Small No-Till Farm

My team and I had the pleasure of learning about soil health from small farmer, Rebecca Roberts, who became a farmer to serve as an example of a small, no-till, hand-tended farm that's working to build healthy soil and reduce her impact on the kinds of nutrient runoff that contributes to HABs.

Tom Philpott Predicts the End of Farming as We Know It

The veteran food writer's new book warns that the current trajectory of farming in California’s Central Valley and the Corn Belt could be setting us up for collapse.

First-generation farmers in Roosevelt celebrate tenth season of sustainable agriculture

At first, when driving along the winding country roads of Roosevelt, you might pass right by Mendies Farm without noticing it.

Farming in the desert: Are vertical farms the solution to saving water?

With high temperatures and water scarcity, the Emirates might seem an unlikely place for a farm. Yet, as coronavirus and climate change heighten the desire for food security, could vertical farms be the solution?

From glow in the dark mini golf to farming garlic: Why COVID-19 pushed a couple back to basics

After a decade of running a popular glow-in-the-dark mini-golf business in Melbourne, Michael and Julie Blyth are hanging up the clubs and picking up the shovel.

Food Companies Step Up Funding for Organic Farming Research

Clif Bar, King Arthur Flour, Organic Valley, and others are providing university endowments to counter a system stacked in favor of conventional agriculture.

Food safety investments can boost revenue for small farmers

The costs of implementing food safety practices to prevent foodborne illnesses have been viewed as a threat to the financial well-being of small farms, which must pay a higher percentage of their annual sales than larger farms to meet safety standards.

Small farms offer a healthy food supply

Some family farms aren’t letting people in other than the families who run them.

Hail Season in Colorado: How to Protect Your Plants

Here are a few tips to keep that beautiful garden safe from hail damage.

A Smart Setup for Your Farm

Design a smart setup to include cleaning, processing, cold-storage, and irrigation infrastructure for your homestead to work smarter, not harder.

A One-Woman Urban Farm

The owner of Corn Poppy Produce in Stockton talks about building her urban farm business

Millions of Dollars Heading to Farmers, but Small Farms Won’t See Much of it

Advocates say young and disadvantaged farmers won’t benefit from the latest stimulus funds, and nor do those selling directly to consumers.

Experts: Sustainable Farming Will Play Key Role in Post-Pandemic World

The population's priorities will shift in a post-coronavirus world, demanding ethical and sustainable production from farmers and distributors in the years ahead.

‘Grow & Give’: CSU Encourages Residents To Plant Vegetables, Share Surplus With Food Banks

Colorado State University is urging residents to spend some of their time at home in the garden.

Trump’s signature effort to direct farm surplus to needy families abruptly withdraws large contract amid criticism of rollout

The first $1.2 billion of the Farmers to Families Food Box contracts have been awarded. Food industry experts wonder who some of these people are.

Food from a regenerative journey

OFFERING customers with amazing Western Australian food made by family farmers and local businesses is what the State's leading regenerative farming company is all about.

Chipotle Picks Eight Ventures Breaking Farming Barriers

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced the second class of ventures for the Chipotle Aluminaries Project 2.0, an accelerator program designed to support growth-stage ventures from across the country..

Farmer Passion For Stewardship Remains Strong In Uncertain Times

Sustainable farming practices are those that help protect the environment while helping increase food, feed, fiber and fuel production, says one Nebraska farmer.

David and Jane Stevens are Organic Farmers of the Year

Jane Hawley Stevens and her husband, David Stevens, have a mission: to connect people with herbal remedies so they come to appreciate—and help preserve—the healing power of nature.


Started in 1981, Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial is the longest-running side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional grain cropping systems in North America.

New Crowdfarming Platform Looks to Help Sustainable Farmers

When the opportunity to expand operations opened up for East Fork Cultivars, the family-owned organic hemp farm in southern Oregon turned to Steward for help.

Why Farmers Still Insist on Buying Really Old Tractors

Minnesota’s Star Tribune reports that farmers are flocking to 40-year-old tractors at auctions.

New report details how the Trump EPA is promoting the ‘worst of the worst pesticides’

A new review into the pesticide products the U.S. approved in 2017 and 2018 reveals the Environmental Protection Agency is carrying out an industry-friendly, “broken” regulatory process that included green-lighting over 100 products with ingredients widely deemed extremely dangerous.

On-Farm Solar Grows as Farmers See Economic Rewards—and Risks

From struggling dairy operations to massive grain operations, farms are starting to see the light as on-farm solar proves to be an important income stream.

High Plains Crop Profitability Analyzer available to producers

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has released an updated 2020 High Plains Crop Profitability Analyzer budgeting tool just in time to help Texas High Plains producers plan for the new year, said Justin Benavidez, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension economist in Amarillo.

The Trump administration just snuck through its most devious coal subsidy yet

How a new FERC order will help old, polluting power plants stay alive.

OPINION: Carbon farming is a step in the right direction

In March 2019, General Mills announced their mission to turn 100 million acres of farmland into regenerative agriculture by 2030.

Farm Babe: We are regenerative farmers. But what does that actually mean?

We are regenerative farmers. Not organic, not “non-GMO,” but regenerative. I think. What does that actually mean?!?

Small farms are dying. This plow-free plan could help save them.

Farmland is expanding across Indiana, worldwide food demand is increasing and Americans are eating more meat than ever before — still, Greg Gunthorp says, farming is dying.

Converting from Home-Heating Oil to a Heat Pump, Part 1: Cost and Initial Assessment

This two-part series documents homeowner Peter Callaway’s experience in a region that relies predominantly on fuel-oil for home heating to convert his household to a heat pump system.

No-Tillers at the Heart of the Regenerative Ag Movement

General Mills, Dannon, Land O’ Lakes, Syngenta, Corteva, Wrangler, PepsiCo, The Nature Conservancy. What do they all have in common?

Alfalfa nitrogen credits are a no-brainer

If you grow alfalfa, and if you grow corn for silage or grain, not taking advantage of the nitrogen provided by a terminated alfalfa crop is like flipping dollar bills into the toilet.

Speaker urges area ag community to farm locally, think globally

Minnesota is an important economic player in the United States and internationally, said an agriculture expert with extensive experience in the field.

Symposium digs into soil salinity, cow cost

While weather and markets are the big-ticket items influencing farm profitability, the recent Farm/Ranch/Water Symposium in Rocky Ford dug deeper to examine some of the more subtle issues that can impede agricultural success among crop and livestock producers in the Arkansas Valley.

Future of family farms are bleak in Midwest as bankruptcies increase

A new report from America’s Farm Bureau show that the number of farmers filing for bankruptcy is increasing nationwide

High Plains Farmers Race to Save the Ogallala Aquifer

By restoring soils and grasslands, farmers in the Texas Panhandle are conserving the last water beneath their feet.

Farm Progress America, November 14, 2019

Long ago, Max was approached by Bob Evans, Ohio farmer and restaurateur, about talking more about rotational grazing.

Is the Second Farm Crisis Upon Us?

Farmers across the country are in a state of emergency with dairy and grain producers, new farmers, and farmers of color being hit the hardest.

21 Of The Best Small Scale Farming Ideas

Small and midsize producers provide new opportunities for American agriculture across the country.

Small and Mid-Sized Farmer Resources

Small and midsize producers provide new opportunities for American agriculture across the country.

Is Compost the Secret to Making Ag Climate Friendly?

A new study finds that adding compost to farmland can offer deep benefits for storing carbon and building healthy soils.

Corrected: Size matters. Big U.S. farms get even bigger amid China trade war

As the 2018 harvest approached, North Dakota farmer Mike Appert had a problem - too many soybeans and nowhere to put them.

Investment in Regenerative Agriculture Connects the Dots Between Soil and Plate

The public and private sectors are rapidly picking up efforts to ramp up carbon farming.

Concern for small farms fits broader policy shift

Earlier this year Sarah Lloyd, a dairy farmer who works for Wisconsin Farmers Union, organized a national roadshow that included a stop in Clovis, N.M., to rally solutions for what many now consider a full-blown dairy crisis.

Clean Soil Is Rejuvenating New York’s Urban Farms

A complex web of partnerships helps improve food access and build a more sustainable city from the ground up.

Report highlights innovative ag conservation funding

Efforts highlighted in report offer benefits for farmers, taxpayers

Regenerative Agriculture: 25 Things to Know Now

Not to be overly dramatic, but this article contains information that is critical to the future of humanity. Read on for need-to-know information that can benefit people, the planet...and your bottom line, too

The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture in Colorado

Regenerative agriculture—which aims to help heal the earth through restorative farming and ranching practices—is taking root in Colorado. But does it stand a chance against big ag?

NCR-SARE Announces 2020 Youth Educator Sustainable Agriculture Grants Call for Proposals

The 2020 NCR-SARE Youth Educator Grant Call for Proposals is now available.

Power To Save: Organic Farming and Sustainability

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A husband and wife team in Wayne County turned a home remedy for a skin condition into a full-scale organic farm.

Documentary highlights pioneers in organic farming

Vetter family focuses on developing soil biology

Farmers paying more attention to organic, resilient ag

The numbers are in and speak for themselves

Farmer and Rancher Research in the West

Making changes on the farm or ranch involves taking risks.

CSU launches online Agritourism Management Graduate Certificate

Colorado State University has launched the nation’s first online Graduate Certificate in Agritourism Management...

The Scary New Math of Factory Farm Waste

It has been almost a year since Hurricane Florence slammed the Carolinas, dumping a record 30 inches of rainfall in some parts of the states.

H-brace Construction For Your Permanent Fence Line

Providing Durable Enclosures with Fence H Braces

Maple Hill Creamery founder: Stop pitting plant-based vs animal agriculture… multiple farming systems will co-exist in future

Consumer interest in grass-fed meat/dairy and plant-based foods, stems from the same desire to find more humane and sustainable alternatives to factory farming, says Maple Hill Creamery CEO Tim Joseph, who was surprised to see Impossible Foods single out regenerative grazing in its recent impact report.

Women Own Half the Farmland in America. They Don't Earn Half the Profits.

Here's we know about women in agriculture in 2019.

First Volume of Updated Guide to Disaster Assistance for Farmers Available

Farmers’ Legal Action Group has released Volume 1 of its seventh edition of the Farmers’ Guide to Disaster Assistance.

Efforts Underway in Virginia to Revive Local Grain Economy

A feature on C-ville describes how Virginians are working to add the missing link of grain back into the local food economy.

Maine’s New Ag Commissioner Seeks to Develop a Robust Regional Food Economy

With Amanda Beal, the state could set a national example for creating a sustainable, healthy, and just regional food system.

Electric fencing saves money, controls weeds on pasture

Rotational grazing increases forage consumption to about two-thirds of the available forage.

Kentucky farmers are afraid to criticize Trump because they fear Republican retaliation: Retired farmer

In media outlets, there has been much discussion of the effects that President Donald Trump’s tariffs are having on farmers in the United States.

American farmers face massive calamity as climate crisis fuels catastrophic storms and flooding in the Midwest

Farmers in the Midwest are watching the spring planting season shrink due to the climate crisis as damaging storms and flooding are...

As Congress mulls ban of a DowDuPont pesticide, the company's campaign donations loom large

It is legal for American corporations to bribe our state and federal lawmakers so long as they do it via contributions to that lawmaker's campaign...

Organic farms are under attack from agribusiness

The certified organic label has helped save many generational farms and enabled people like me, who do not come from agricultural backgrounds, to become successful farmers.

Stamps Plead Guilty in Bank Fraud Case

Michigan Farm Owners Face Up to Five Years in Prison, Thousands in Fines

Corn and More Corn

Production Problem: Main Driver Behind Price Declines Isn't Tariff-Related

They Grow the Nation’s Food, but They Can’t Drink the Water

Water is a currency in California, and the low-income farmworkers who pick the Central Valley’s crops know it better than anyone.

Among the Beneficiaries of Trump’s Tariff Bailout for Farmers? A Brazilian-Owned Meat Company

How a multinational corporation is cashing in on the Trade War.

Farmer spokesperson levels Trump over his trade policies: This is ‘the last generation that’s going to be able to farm’

On Saturday, National Farmers Union Vice President Patty Edelburg talked with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about the grim impact of President Donald Trump’s trade war on American farmers

Most of America’s rural areas are doomed to decline

Since the Great Recession, most of the nation’s rural counties have struggled to recover lost jobs and retain their people.

Flow Kana Expands Commitment to Diversified Regenerative Agriculture with Fruit and Vegetable CSA Boxes from Farmer Ecosystem

Program Offers Flow Kana and Select Dispensary Partner Employees Sustainably-Cultivated Produce From Small Independent Farms

Homescratch Homestead, Step 2: Financing

Financing options are highly personalized and circumstantially specific.

Striving for a more equitable food system

Seemingly every day Netflix adds a food documentary, another farmers’ market opens and more restaurants offer farm-to-table fare.

Farmers struggle with sustainability

Almost everyone and everything from commodity groups to coal companies make some claim that their business incorporates “sustainable” practices or production.

Climate Change and the Death of the Small Farm

The catastrophic flooding in the Midwest is forcing more farmers to consider a stark choice: quit or consolidate.

Farm bankruptcies shed new light on perils of Big Agriculture

Chris Petersen, a third-generation hog farmer who says "I bleed rural" and tears up at the fate of family and friends...

Trump administration pays Brazilian meatpacker to foul Arkansas River

Bailout money intended for hog farmers ends up in corporate coffers

Why the Green New Deal Needs to Include Fair Prices for Farmers

The Green New Deal (GND) twin resolutions, introduced February 7, 2019, call for all Americans to have access to healthy food, clean water and clean air.

Midwest farmers going broke at record rates thanks to Trump's trade war

Bankruptcies have doubled in the biggest farm states, with falling prices and the trade war largely to blame

Dairy farmers are in crisis — and it could change Wisconsin forever

Farmers cling to a dream that, for some, has become a nightmare.

Janesville dairy receives tiny payment in name of tariff relief

Peter Daluge didn’t expect to get much money from a federal program intended to help farmers affected by tariffs—but he thought he would get more than $1.

State leads nation in farm bankruptcies again, dairy farm closings hit record high in 2018

Wisconsin farmers showed the effects of continued low prices for their products in 2018 as the state led the nation in farm bankruptcies for the third straight year and dairy farms closed at the highest pace this century.

Greenhouse Disrupting Food Systems With Aquaponics

A 3-acre Jackson County greenhouse is disrupting food systems with aquaponics.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My Farm, Ranch or Off-Grid Home?

How to Choose the Best Standby Generator for Your Needs

Agrivoltaics: Solar Panels on farms could be a win-win

Massachusetts is leading the charge in dual-use solar installations

Development of a Cooperative Food Distribution Model for Small Farms

Monica Bongue owns Muddy Fork Farm in Wooster Ohio, a certified organic farm for over 15 years, where she produces vegetables, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats.

The Women Reviving Heirloom Grains and Flour

Female grain growers, millers, and artisan bread bakers are collaborating to lift women’s role in bread into the spotlight.

California’s Pet Stores To Only Sell Rescue Cats, Dogs And Rabbits

California is ringing in the new year as the first state in the country to ban stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that aren’t rescues.

The Cost Difference Between a Rescue Dog and Puppy Mill Dog

You walk into your local mall, or maybe see an ad online and the cute wiggly puppies instantly draw you in.

From Homeless to Homestead: Adopting a Farm Dog

Consider a trip to your local animal shelter or rescue organization next time you’re on the lookout for a new country canine.

The Postal Worker’s Christmas

My grandfather was part of a long tradition of postal workers who sacrificed Christmas Eve with their families to deliver holiday packages.

The Farm Bill Ignores the Real Troubles of U.S. Agriculture

True farming reform means adjusting the system to support small and midsize producers and cultivating a more sustainable system of agriculture.

The Latest on Regenerative Organic Certification

Spurred by enthusiasm for fresh, local agricultural products, farmers are increasing the availability of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season.

High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

Spurred by enthusiasm for fresh, local agricultural products, farmers are increasing the availability of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season.

Bringing Farming Back to Nature

Farming the land as if nature doesn’t matter has been the model for much of the Western world’s food production system for at least the past 75 years.

For a new generation of farmers, accessing land is the first step toward tackling consolidation

Young farmers are staking out the space to change the face of America’s farmland

Penn State Extension program for beginning farmers wins national accolades

With a total economic impact of nearly $136 billion annually, the agricultural industry is essential to Pennsylvania’s future.

Solar-Powered “Farm From a Box” Is a Farm Kit That Can Feed 150 People

San Francisco startup Farm From a Box has made it their mission to make farming as easy as possible.

Farm bankruptcies have doubled under Trump — and the worst is yet to come

The outlook moving forward doesn't look good.

Farming Better Isn’t Enough: We Need to Protect Land

To reach a sustainable food system, “integrity has to run through the whole system...

A farm shouldn’t be a factory

Most of today’s food is produced by industrial agriculture and that’s a problem.

Heroic Food Farm gives military veterans a new mission as farmers growing sustainable food

To be a good farmer, you have to be really good at a lot of things,” says Leora Barish, founder of non-profit veteran farming organization Heroic Food.


Our food system is built on exploitation. Now farmworkers are saying “no more”

Undocumented farmworkers in Washington have won historic labor victories in recent years

From Homeless to Homestead: Adopting a Farm Dog

Consider a trip to your local animal shelter or rescue organization next time you’re on the lookout for a new country canine.

Small farm conference to be held in Athens

The Third Annual North Central Wisconsin Small Farm Conference is planned for Saturday, Oct. 19. Stoney Acres Farm of Athens will host this year’s event. The conference opens at 10:30 a.m. and wraps with at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Subsidies prevent farmers from reaching their full potential

American farmers and low-income families are understandably uneasy with the recent expiration of the farm bill, although the eventual passage of another iteration is all but assured.

Meet the crusading reporter brawling with Big Ag

Carey Gillam's critics might be surprised by some of the food in her kitchen.

Not Your Grandmother's Farm Bill

Congress sets and resets the nation’s agricultural and food policy about every five years through a comprehensive piece of legislation known as the farm bill.

How Did Farmer Brown Bring His Dying Land Back From the Brink?

Sometimes enlightenment arrives as a flash of epiphany: a gravity-obeying apple that falls from a tree, for instance, or a blinding light that freezes you in your tracks on the road to Damascus.

Dirt to Soil:

One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture

Two Focusing Questions that Suggest our Soils Deserve more Attention

At the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have long advocated agricultural systems that are productive and better for the environment, the economy, farmers, farmworkers and eaters than the dominant industrial system.

Here’s What Agriculture of the Future Looks Like: The Multiple Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture Quantified

At the Union of Concerned Scientists, we have long advocated agricultural systems that are productive and better for the environment, the economy, farmers, farmworkers and eaters than the dominant industrial system.

Tructon: The rise and fall of a historic Colorado town

In the early 1900s, a pioneer homesteader from Oklahoma formulated a plan to establish a city on the vast Colorado plains.

Well-Known Economist Dubs Current Agriculture Recession "The Grinder"

It's the twists and turns that come with farming causing a tightening of balance sheets on farms across the country.

Colorado farmers using land as fall tourist destinations to sustain throughout the year

A farmer's life is not an easy one, especially in a state where drought, extreme heat, and hailstorms are a given.

First Fully Automated Indoor Farm Being Built In Ohio

The next time you shop for cherry tomatoes at Whole Foods or another retailer...

Impact investing plants seeds of growth for small-scale farmers

The need to sustain the global food system is attracting investment in innovation

How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch.

This 32-page Ag Innovations Series technical bulletin provides detailed instruction for crop and livestock producers and more.

More than 250,000 New Mexico students being served nutritious meals made with fresh, local produce.

The New Mexico Public Education Department is investing even more in a statewide initiative that provides school districts and charter schools funding to purchase fresh, local produce for school meals.

A New Credit Union Aims to Lower the Cost of Clean Energy

Episode 59 of Local Energy Rules Podcast

Why Care about Independent, Locally Owned Businesses?

Locally owned businesses play a central role in healthy communities and are among the best engines that cities and towns have for advancing economic opportunity and building resilient places.

The Irish Times view on the state of Irish farming: threats and opportunities

The challenges posed by sector’s contribution to carbon emissions remain unresolved.

The Farmstead connects community to agriculture through experience

Farming has always been a part of Jim Lowe's life. He grew up on a farm in Montana and moved to Idaho, continuing that legacy with his wife, Hillary Lowe.

Agriculture Has a Sustainability Problem--and It Affects Your Business. Here's Why

The way you connect to other companies and industries is a web bigger than you ever imagined.

How to boost sustainable and resilient agriculture?

Researchers from the group of GESPLAN at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have applied the Working with People methodology to rethink sustainability, resilience and rural development in Europe. Read more at the click below.

Where's the beef? How Coloradans are getting hooked on local meat

If you’re an omnivore, you might be among the many consumers increasingly concerned about their meat, Colorado beef retailers say.

Renowned grass-fed beef farmer to speak at Fullerton conference Sept. 5

Dr. Allen Williams — a founding partner of Grass Fed Beef, Inc., and Grass Fed Insights — will be the featured speaker at a Fullerton workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

“Grazing for Soil Health” will begin at 9 a.m. and continue through 4 p.m. at the Loup River Inn, located just south of the Loup River and just east off Highway 14. Doors open at 8 a.m.

The event is free, with morning refreshments and lunch provided. The registration deadline is Aug. 30. Participants can register by calling either (308) 536-2691 or (308) 536-2456, ext. 3.

One pound of cheese makes nine pounds of whey. Where does it all go?

America is in the middle of an historic cheese glut.

Farmers Are Drawing Groundwater From the Giant Ogallala Aquifer Faster Than Nature Replaces It

Plains farmers cannot afford to continue pushing land and water resources beyond their limits – especially in light of climate change’s cumulative impact on the Central Plains.

Creative Thinking Leads to Innovative Cattle Watering System

In West Texas, drought is a constant plague—but when wells go dry, how do you manage your water supply?

Good management practices for fall grazing

Fall pasture management is a critical period for pastures.

Salatin’s Polyface Farm: An enterprise mind-opener

Register now for 3 Intensive Discovery seminars this July at Polyface Farm.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Fancy Pork Farmer

Luxury as a hedge when a trade war comes to town

This little piggy went to market … and everything changed

A former contract hog farmer reflects on what industrial production has done to his rural Arkansas community.

Animals, fruits and nuts coexist in Merry Lea pasture.

In a 5-acre pasture at the Merry Lea Sustainable Farm, you’ll find cows and chickens sharing the land with some unusual roommates — nut trees, fruit trees, grapevines and raspberries.

New research addresses gap between research and practice in sustainable agriculture.

Michigan State University-led research has found a big difference in the yields produced by alternative agricultural practices in commercial fields compared with the same practices in the small experimental plots ordinarily used to test them.

An Apple Shows Just How Broken Our Food System Is.

Buying and eating apples seems a pretty healthy thing to do. 

Your produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers might change that.

There it sits – in all its green glory – in the produce section of your local grocery store. 

This company pioneered a new business structure to preserve its mission.

A purpose trust means that Organically Grown Company will have a single owner devoted only to investing its profits back into the business.

To Feed the World Sustainably, Repair the Soil.

A reconceived farming system can rapidly improve fertility without chemical fertilizers, and without sacrificing crop yields.

Low income communities and the environment hit by SNAP farmers market glitch.

Experts and advocates argue that maximizing the availability of food options is crucial and aids efforts towards sustainability.

Grain recyclers use heads, see success in flour.

Beer brewers’ waste barley repurposed for bakers’ use.

Why ‘Orphan’ Oil And Gas Wells Are A Growing Problem For States

Unplugged wells can leak explosive gas into neighborhoods and leach toxins into groundwater.

Produce is less healthy than it was 70 years ago. These farmers are trying to change that.

70 years ago, it contained twice the calcium, on average, and more than five times the amount of Vitamin A.

Farmer finds success with cover crops, chicken litter.

"Fourth, fifth or sixth generation farmer? Jed Gerdes isn’t certain where he falls because his ancestors farmed in northern Germany and that noble profession continued on in the family to east-central Illinois."

This “carbon removal marketplace” will make buying offsets easier

"As companies like Lyft start to invest to make up for their carbon footprints, the world of offset buying needs more transparency and accountability."

Good Soil Policy in Senate Farm Bill.

"The Senate Agriculture Committee passed their version of a 2018 Farm Bill through the committee today, and we were pleased to see a number of the soil policy changes that we support included in the bill."

In Berry Country, California Farmers Get Innovative to Save Groundwater.

"Driscoll’s Berries and its farmers in Ventura County are working to save water and tackle sustainable management of the local groundwater..."

Hemp, Inc. Applauds Addition of Hemp Legislation to 2018 Farm Bill

"Securing the Hemp Farming Act as part of the 2018 Farm Bill has been a top priority of mine."

Plan to profit: Dairywoman shares how farm is branching out.

Diversification of the Kilgus Farmstead has provided the opportunity for another generation of the family to become involved in the farming operation near Fairbury.

Vilsack remains rural champion, offers plan to boost jobs.

Tom Vilsack sees a path forward for rural America.


Forget sustainable farming — regenerative agriculture is the new frontier.

Meet the innovative grazing expert profiled in “This Farm Is Medicine”.


Rural Kansas is dying. I drove 1,800 miles to find out why.

A native Kansan returns home to find that the broken promises of commodity agriculture have destroyed a way of life.

The New Food Economy

What is sustainability? It depends who you ask.

Sustainability has become one of the most widely used words in American agriculture and the U.S. food system.


On a sunny day in late March when the neighbors are prepping their planters, you can find Trey Hill planting corn into a foot of green clover, cereal rye, and a mix of other cover crops.


How rural America got milked.

Corporate-run agricultural co-ops are squeezing the very farmers they’re supposed to protect. Making them work again could help revive the heartland.

General Mills is transitioning 53 square miles of South Dakota farmland to certified organic.

If big food companies are going to meet growing demand for organics, they'll need to take an interest in farming.

For small-scale organic farmers, growing crops is the easy part. Getting produce to market – and getting paid – is the challenge.

MARIA ROMERO had never worked in agriculture before she moved to Watsonville 16 years ago.

Op-ed: Can Food Retailers Develop Policies That Drive Sustainable Agriculture?

One of the most fascinating sustainability questions for food retailers is whether their corporate environmental policies can drive agroecology practices on the farm.

By the Numbers: A Look at Consolidation in U.S. Agriculture.

Big Agriculture is still strong, but family farms are fighting back.

Digging deep: Harnessing the power of soil microbes for more sustainable farming.

'Farm of the future' project marries microbiology and machine learning.

A 12-step plan to Amazing Grazing.

Adaptive grazing is a term describing a management approach that includes many practices such as frequent rotation of cattle and stockpiling for winter grazing.

This Georgia rancher might be our best hope for a sustainable future.

Ride shotgun on this game-changing farm in “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts,” streaming now on Salon Premium.

Can soil organic matter increase at an annual rate of 1%?

Soil health is a key driver of agricultural productivity and environmental resilience.

Legislature should strengthen and diversify rural economies

I have lived in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado since 1973.

The next generation of farming: AM Ranch, Super Tuber Farm team up

Across the nation, the small family farm is in decline.

With the USDA’s Blessing, CAFOs Are Driving Organic Dairy Farmers Out of Business

As dairy farmers have seen many times in the past, a glut of milk has flooded the market and dropped farm pay prices to the point that some farmers will be forced out of business.

Is Farming Key for Carbon Trapping?

According to the old adage, if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.

Diversified farmer receives PFI sustainable ag award

Earl Hafner, of Panora, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 Practical Farmers of Iowa Sustainable Agriculture Achievement award.

Organic farming oftentimes most viable for new producers

Some U.S. organic farmers say they’re facing intense pressure from cheap imports that are labeled “organic” but don’t comply with U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. Wochit

Over 100 Places to Buy Heirloom, Organic, and Non-GMO Seeds

It’s difficult to know where your seeds come from…unless you buy them from a seed company that’s devoted to organic and heirloom practices.

Colorado Millet: A Local Grain that Counts!

A combination of a mother’s concern and first-rate farming practices led Golden Prairie to become a premier grower of certified organic millet in the Rocky Mountain West and the largest national distributor of certified organic millet for human consumption…

Welcome to Colorado Grains: A local food revolution all by itself!

We are clearly at a tipping point, as grain producers and artisans are showing us how grains can return to our plate and why they should…

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