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Classifies Posting Rules

Please follow these rules to post a classified ad in our system.

  • and are not responsible and do not warrant any products or services sold through this site. The relationship is between the buyer and seller only!
  • Please sign up for an account to register so you can be contacted when someone is interested in your posting. Here is the symbol to look for. Account access buttonClick on it to sign up or access your account.

  • Account types are Free Personal Account and paid Business Account. The free accounts are good for 60 days and allow you to post an unlimited amount with 2 images which will be posted for 15 days. You can re-enroll for FREE when your 60 day period is over.
  • Business Account carry a $20 cost. The account is good for 30 days and allows you to post three ads during that time with up to 4 images. All businesses must sign up as a business account.
  • You can only post to the categories listed and only postings of these types will be allowed. Accounts can be suspended for inappropriate postings.
    Example: No cars or pickup trucks, no open herbicide, insecticide or fertilizer containers.
    If your not sure your item (post) is allowed, contact us and we will let you know. You can ask us to add new categories and if there is sufficient demand we will consider adding them. This is a new system and may experience some initial growing pains. Please use the Contact Page and let us know of any problems or issues you may have. Thank you.

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