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Opinion: Through his veto threat, Polis is failing to deliver on campaign promises on renewables and climate change

The governor must keep his campaign promises and step into being a climate leader. He must support a climate bill – one that ensures we meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Colorado Sun

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
January 28, 2020
Contact: Wendy White, 303-869-9174

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The Colorado Department of Agriculture will publish the 36th annual Colorado Farm Fresh Directory in June, which promotes Colorado farmers’ markets, roadside stands, u-picks, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) producers, agritourism activities, wineries and farms and ranches that sell direct to the public. Producers are encouraged to submit their information for inclusion in the 2020 edition of the publication.

How the Loss of Soil Is Sacrificing America’s Natural Heritage

A new study points to a stunning loss of topsoil in the Corn Belt — the result of farming practices that have depleted this once-fertile ground. Beyond diminished agricultural productivity and more carbon in the atmosphere, it is a catastrophic loss of an irreplaceable resource.

Yale Environment 360

Column: Answering Biden tax plan, conservatives absurdly claim $400,000 a year isn't 'rich'

In the category of "do we have to do this again?" the financial press and personal finance websites have experienced a recent outbreak of articles asking us to feel sympathy for families barely scraping by on healthy six-figure incomes.


Remembering Astronaut Michael Collins

Let's take a moment now to remember Michael Collins.

NEIL ARMSTRONG: Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.
SIMON: Michael Collins was the man they left behind to circle the moon in command of the Apollo 11 spacecraft while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humankind's first steps on the lunar surface. Commentators at the time said no other human being since Adam had ever been so profoundly alone.

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DenverLocalFarm.comWelcome to DenverLocalFarm, a site dedicated to stimulating rural farm to market food and livestock production using Organic and Biodynamic approaches. Our name says Denver, but this site is for everyone in the Front Range of Colorado and beyond!

What will you find here?

Plenty! You will find an ever changing array of articles concerning our health and lives. You can learn about events happening in the Front Range. And read up on gardening techniques and emerging technologies.

We also keep an eye on the political landscape because many national issues affect us here in Colorado.

Our newsletter will begin in 2018 and come out quarterly. It is free to all and of course we keep everything private. We don't share anything with anyone!

We also want to hear from you about what you need and want to hear about. We expect to change as we grow into this new role and we want to develop this site to serve the needs of all of us. Don't hesitate to use one of the sign up to use the forums, or post a free classified ad. You can always use the contact forms to let us know what is important to you!

"Our tools are better than we are, and grow better faster than we do. They suffice to crack the atom, to command the tides, but they do not suffice for the oldest task in human history, to live on a piece of land without spoiling it."

~~Aldo Leopold, “Engineering and Conservation” in The River of the Mother of God and Other Essays (1938)

See you on the inside!


Sunshine Creek Farm owner prioritizes land, his animals

Farmer raises cattle, bees on land between Pullman, Moscow

How to choose the most profitable livestock for a farm

Livestock can be pricey to purchase and care for.



Farmers wear a lot of hats, especially farming moms.


Group reports farm subsidies soared $16 billion between 2017-2020

A new report from the Environmental Working Group found that farm subsidies have climbed $16 billion from 2017-2020.

Regenerative farming: The theory and the farmers doing it

CSU Extension

Regenerative agriculture provokes strong opinions and passionate debate. There are those who are sceptical of the claims being made in its name, while others have completely bought into the idea that it is farming’s future, and the way to solve climate change.

Farmers Weekly


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