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Political commentary, but important:

There are once in a lifetime changes occurring within our government and the court system.

Changes that may not be reversible for sometime, but yet may effect everyone in this country at some point, probably not in a positive way. We realize, not everyone has the time these days to keep up on these important issues.

In these times when the nation comes together to choose a new leader, we would like to offer some insightful articles. Both of these articles show who are "for the people" and who are not. Both articles are based on Supreme Court case records and actual statements made by Republican politicians. File this under; You cannot make this stuff up.

Biden-Harris plan means investment in Colorado farms and rural areas

Farmers and ranchers have had a rough year. With the compounding challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the president’s trade war, processing plant closures, ongoing drought, and the cost of business ever increasing, C

The Daily Sentinel

Column: Answering Biden tax plan, conservatives absurdly claim $400,000 a year isn't 'rich'

In the category of "do we have to do this again?" the financial press and personal finance websites have experienced a recent outbreak of articles asking us to feel sympathy for families barely scraping by on healthy six-figure incomes.


Trump fights in court to block pandemic food aid for lowest-income Americans

The Trump administration is fighting in federal court to block states from giving billions of dollars in emergency food stamps to the lowest-income Americans during the coronavirus crisis.


Which charities do the most good? Charity Navigator joins the effort to answer this crucial question.

Charity Navigator used to tell you if charities are well run. Now, it’ll also tell you if they’re getting things done.


Kill Your Gas Stove

It’s bad for you, and the environment. If you can afford to avoid it, you probably should.

The Atlantic

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"Our tools are better than we are, and grow better faster than we do. They suffice to crack the atom, to command the tides, but they do not suffice for the oldest task in human history, to live on a piece of land without spoiling it."

~~Aldo Leopold, “Engineering and Conservation” in The River of the Mother of God and Other Essays (1938)

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The root of the soil organic matter: Part 1

Soil health is a complex concept. In the realm of regenerative agriculture, soil carbon is believed to be one of the most important measures of restoring soil health.

America is hungrier than ever for sustainable food systems. Can we build them?

In the spring of 2020, many small farms across the U.S. found themselves in a bittersweet predicament.


Hildebrand Farms takes small-town dairy products successfully throughout Kansas

While many small dairies across the country are failing, a small Kansas dairy with slightly more than 130 cows is thriving.


A western Indiana farmer says rotational grazing has improved soil health on his farm.


Farmers look to cash in on carbon

Scientists believe the biggest, least invasive and most accessible source of carbon storage may be to change the way we farm, so that we leave soil planted with something green all year, stop plowing and return all possible plant matter to the soil.


Are you a beginning farmer? Do you want to expand your markets? Do you want to add sheep, goats, or poultry to your operation?

Regenerative farming: The theory and the farmers doing it

CSU Extension

Regenerative agriculture provokes strong opinions and passionate debate. There are those who are sceptical of the claims being made in its name, while others have completely bought into the idea that it is farming’s future, and the way to solve climate change.

Farmers Weekly


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